Malte Meyn <> writes:

> Am 12.10.2016 um 15:45 schrieb Phil Holmes:
>> As the attached image shows, the mark numbering is incorrect in the first
>> score. Anyone know why?
> When the \mark command (defined in ly/ is
> given an integer argument (\mark 6) it sets the context property
> rehearsalMark for the Score context instead of the context the
> Mark_engraver lives in.

The idea is likely that you can have multiple marks typeset in the score
while keeping unique numbering.

Except that it doesn't appear to work...  I lean towards keeping one
separate counter per Mark_engraver.  That would require having a mark
track for every staff with its own Mark_engraver.  But we probably need
that already anyhow.

David Kastrup

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