Gilberto Agostinho wrote Friday, October 14, 2016 7:11 PM

> I think part of the problem is that the amount of collision is not even
> constant for the cases above. Compare the very bottom system on the image I
> posted, note how the flag barely touches the bottom note a' but completely
> collides with the bottom e'. 
>> At least you’d have to give very good evidence and convince a large
>> majority that it would be better to avoid this at the expense of longer
>> stems. 
> Or of shorter flags. Elaine Gould writes on p. 16 of her /Behind Bars/:
> "[s]o that tails do not touch the noteheads of down-stemmed notes, some
> editions shorten the tails while others lengthen the stems."
> You can notice how inconsistent is the distance between noteheads and flags
> in the top system of this example below:
> Producing: 
> <> 
> I think it's clear that the distance of the flags to the noteheads of notes
> that are normally down stemmed (higher than and including b') is different
> than those that are normally stemmed up (lower than b'). In the bottom
> system, I simply forced the second case to be the same as the first, and the
> consistency and lack of collisions look much better to me.

Before Janek implemented shorter stems outside the staff there was a lot of
discussion about it, including the effect on flags and avoiding collisions with 
note heads.  

You can see much of it here:

Janek certainly devised new flags.  But I can't remember whether the revised 
flags were actually implemented.  Maybe they weren't, as the discussion
appears to peter out.

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