Hi Phil,

This is what I keep exhorting people to do - use the latest version. This
is probably a Frequently Issued Response :-) on the list by now! I know
2.20 has not come out yet, and when it does 2.18.2 will be obsolete, but at
the risk of inflaming controversy, isn't about time we started recommending
people to go to the 2.19 series?

Again, I am sure the unnecessarily self-deprecating open source humility of
referring to development versions as 'unstable' puts people off needlessly.

List helpers effectively have to support two streams. I don't have a 2.18.2
installation so I generally ignore questions about that version.

I know this is all problematical, but it would appear that 2.20 is not
coming out in the forseeable future (tell me it will be soon!), so let's
admit that the 2.91.81 and so on are pretty good and very trouble free, and
let new users know on the website.


On 5 February 2018 at 04:29, Phil Holmes <m...@philholmes.net> wrote:

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>> Hi!
>> I wanted to download LilyPond 2.18.2 for Windows, but the link
>> ...
>> <http://download.linuxaudio.org/lilypond/binaries/mingw/lilypond-2.18.2-1.mingw.exe>
>> <http://lilypond.org/downloads/binaries/mingw/>
> Note that this is quite an old version, and 2.19.81 is quite stable.  You
> may benefit from using that instead.
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