Q1: Is it possible add this to the bug tracker?

Q2: Should I present a selection of partcombiner issues (see my last paragraph below) to this list, so they can make it to the bug tracker?


Rutger Hofman

On 02/10/2018 03:34 PM, Rutger Hofman wrote:
On 02/10/2018 03:13 PM, James Lowe wrote:

On Sat, 10 Feb 2018 14:30:13 +0100, Rutger Hofman <rut...@cs.vu.nl> wrote:

Good afternoon list,

the following combination of \partcombine and \tremolo gives a core dump
with the following error message:

Preprocessing graphical objects...lilypond:
T Interval_t<T>::center() const [with T = double]: Assertion `!is_empty
()' failed.

If the % \partcombineApart below is uncommented, there is no core dump.


\version "2.19.80"

upp = \relative c'' {
      \repeat tremolo 32 { d64( b) } |
      d1 |
      b'1:64 |

low = \relative c'' {
      % \partcombineApart
      b1 |
      a1 |
      g1:64 |

\score {
          \new Staff \with {
              instrumentName = "upp"
          } <<
          \new Staff \with {
              instrumentName = "low"
          } <<
          \new Staff \with {
              instrumentName = "partcombined"
          } <<

Rutger Hofman

Is this the same thing you reported a while back


Rutger Hofman said:

This is still an issue of current master ... has anybody investigated the problem ?

I don't know whether we have an issue in the tracker for this, but it
will always be an issue since there is no valid output for this input
(I don't think one can have both a flag and a stem tremolo). Aborting
with a core dump (and a cryptic message not obviously related to the
input) is of course about the worst possible diagnostic, but we would
not be able to produce valid graphics either.

David Kastrup

I didn't notice if there was ever a bug filed for this.


I don't think so. This core dump is related to the partcombiner, which has a lot of other issues anyway!

This bug certainly has to do with the partcombiner, but I seem to remember that the core dump goes away if the upper-voice last note is raised so there is room for the tremolo beams. But it would be interesting for our bug killers to inspect how the spanner stuff reacts to that.

Relating to the other partcombiner issues I mention above: after a lot of experience, my current intuition is that the partcombiner runs into problems with closing spanners (hairpin, dynamic, text, slur, ...) and changing partcombine 'mode' (unisono, apart, chords, ...), which is automatic. But there, the behaviour is spanners that get terminated /while later/, leading to e.g. hairpins that erroneously cover many, many systems. I would be deeply gratified if this set of bugs is also attacked.


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