Hi :)

I use LilyPond in combination with LaTeX since a few weeks and I'm
very happy about this great piece of software!
A few days ago I came across an issue using lilypond-book:

Just tried to use special characters (mostly spaces and single quotes)
in filenames while working with \lilypondfile.
Tried the following options

\lilypondfile{File 1.ly}
\lilypondfile{File\ 1.ly}
\lilypondfile{"File 1.ly"}
\lilypondfile{'File 1.ly'}

None of my suggestions worked.
Using \lilypondfile with files that don't have special characters in
the filename works without any problems for me.

Sent this already as question to the lilypond-users mailing list, but
they told me to just prevent from using special characters in file
Would it be possible to fix this in an upcoming release?

Thanks for your great work!


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