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In the m4 documentation web page, for example at https://www.gnu.org/software/m4/manual/m4.html#Comments <mailto:bug-m4@gnu.org>, the character used for an opening single quote displays incorrectly.  Here is a snapshot:



Your snapshot did not render correctly in plain text.

I'm pretty sure what is meant is that the same character is used both before and after *quoted text* above.

No, that is NOT what is meant.

But what appears is a slanted tick and then a straight tick.

Yes, that is correct.

I think this should read:


    'quoted text' # 'commented text'


The default m4 quoting strings are back-tick (`, ASCII 96) for opening quote, and single-quote (', ASCII 39) for closing quote. Yes, they are asymmetrical, and that is intentional.


If I disable the style sheet I still see them wrong, so it's not a css thing:

Also this is not dependent on browser, i.e. Firefox and Chrome both display this the same.

Good - because that's what they are supposed to display.

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