> [git d69fa5284851b2b7aac25ffac638b6b379994db5]
> After bypassing an issue with `--skip-git'
> (cf. http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-m4/2018-04/msg00000.html),
> executing
>   ./bootstrap --skip-git --gnulib-srcdir=/home/wl/git/gnulib/
> fails with
>   tests/gnu/Makefile.am:55: error: required file 'm4/gnu/alloca.c' not found
> I'm not sure whether this is an M4 or a gnulib bug...

I tried to look into this but I'm completely lost, unfortunately.
Note that I was able to bypass the problem:

  cd m4/gnu
  ln -s /home/wl/git/gnulib/lib/alloca.c alloca.c


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