(info "(make) Chained Rules") is great, but it lacks code snippet

It mentions several features, but all with English prose.

It needs some hard code examples.
And those examples should be independent of those built in for C
compilers, etc.

rm bla.bla # See, bla.bla got removed.

....# See, bla.bla didn't get removed.

Also it should show wildcards in action in .PRECIOUS and .SECONDARY.
E.g., which of
.PRECIOUS: *.bla or /xyz/*.bla or %.bla or $*.bla or bla.bla will work and 
which won't.

I can't provide a patch, because I can't understand it without examples.

(   This is Edition 0.74, last updated 13 February 2018, of 'The GNU Make
Manual', for GNU 'make' version 4.2.1.)

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