On Wed, 2018-04-04 at 13:03 -0400, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> After all the vibrant discussion I was at least expecting a reply that
> says "okay .. so that works" or perhaps a "ver 4.2.2 patches?" or
> something.

Well, we thought it would work and it did work, and those fixes are in
the codebase... so win!

It does look like we need to make a new release soon.

> What bothers me is that these patches are only needed on a i686 system
> thus far.

I find that difficult to understand.  Are you SURE you're using the
exact same GNU libc on all the different systems?

As I pointed out in a previous post, this has no relationship to the
underyling architecture, compiler, etc.  As far as I understanding it
this issue comes solely from the version of GNU libc you're using.

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