* Zorro Lang:

>> > > This is related to this glibc bug:
>> > > 
>> > >   https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=23393

> A stranger thing is:
> egrep [A-Z] match ABCD and bcd, but not match 'a'...

That's the same issue as [0-9] not matching 9.

> I already can't understand the new rules ...

The range operator matches characters according to their collation
weight, and sincce the weight of 'a' is less than the weight of 'A',
'a' is not included in the [A-Z] range.

This could be fixed by including all characters with the same primary
weight as the endpoints (so that [ā-ẑ] and [a-z] would end up being
the same).  It makes the behavior more logical, but it doesn't fix
existing scripts.

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