Summary: Mandatory/Optional include files and pattern rule
with multi-targets
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            Submitted by: masahiroy
            Submitted on: Fri 10 May 2019 04:33:49 PM UTC
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I see a problem when
a pattern rule with multiple targets
are responsible for creating included files,
some of which are mandatory, and the
others are optional.

I attached two test cases.

Both of them include two files, inc_a.mk and inc_b.mk

The difference between the two is:

For Makefile1, inc_a.mk is optional, inc_b.mk is mandatory.
For Makefile2, inc_a.mk is mandatory, inc_b.mk is optional.

inc_a.mk and inc_b.mk are supposed to be
simultaneously created by a pattern rule
(but it always fails).

The behavior is completely different
between Makefile1 and Makefile2.

$ make -f Makefile1
Makefile1:1: starting
target in question: inc_b.mk
Makefile1:8: inc_b.mk: No such file or directory
make: *** [Makefile1;12: inc_b.mk] Error 1

Make was terminated immediately when
it failed to create inc_b.mk

$ make -f Makefile2
Makefile2:1: starting
target in question: inc_b.mk
make: Failed to remake makefile 'inc_a.mk'.

This also failed to create included files,
and showed "Failed to remake" message,
but continued running, then executed the 'all' target.

I think the reason is the target in question
in the pattern rule is inc_b.mk, which is
an optional include file.

As far as I examined, the last included file
becomes the target in question of the pattern rule.

So, I see some sort of sense in this behavior.

However, Makefile2 failed to create the mandatory
include file, inc_a.mk, so Make cannot (should not)
continue parsing the Makefile.

One way to fix this is,
the target in question should be chosen
from mandatory include files over optional ones.


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