Follow-up Comment #3, bug #59093 (project make):

I don't think I agree with this change.  It's one thing for make to increase
it's own stack size, but it's not good for make to be resetting the stack size
of processes it starts.  That could result in all sorts of issues.

If the user invokes make and the stack size they specify is too small then
maybe they should increase the stack size before invoking make (they can do
this with ulimit -s before invoking make).  We could use sigaltstack() to
allow us to catch this signal and at least print a useful message to the

Alternatively, maybe it's possible for make to dynamically reset the stack
limit before invoking posix_spawn().  It's kind of gross but the reality is
that at the time when we spawn a new process our stack is almost certainly
very small.  I don't know, really, what performance or other issues might
ensue from constantly resetting the stack up and down.


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