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> > Let's say there's a project with a submake for each module.
> It’s counter-intuitive, but it is usually *MUCH* faster & more accurate to
> have a single make process
> figure things out in most cases than to use recursive makes.
> For more info, see “Recursive make considered harmful” by Peter Miller:
> https://web.archive.org/web/20200209034547/http://aegis.sourceforge.net/auug97.pdf


In October 2001 I applied the logic of that paper to a 1/2 million line
work project to cut its build time by a factor of 20 and make it reliably
build the Right Stuff.  Took less than a month to win back the entire time
I had spent reading the paper and working out the details of the new
Makefile setup.

Philip Guenther

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