Follow-up Comment #2, bug #60811 (project make):

BSD Make already has $<, $@, etc, which have corresponding long-form names
like .IMPSRC, .TARGET, etc. However, $> in BSD Make is $^ in GNU Make, which
makes it difficult to write makefiles usable in both BSD/GNU Make.

GNU Make's $^ is unportable already, so adding .ALLSRC would make it more
portable as then you could use this in both BSD/GNU Make.

If not long-form aliases, we could add $> to GNU Make as an alias to $^.
Adding new variables to BSD Make would be more difficult, because I believe
there isn't one single "BSD Make", but each BSD has its own, so I would need
to convince each BSD to add a new variable to their make rather than adding it
in one place. Each of these BSD Make variants support $>, so I think adding it
to gmake would improve the portability.


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