Follow-up Comment #9, bug #44853 (project make):

related/duplicate: #45763

I would like to add that (to my surprise) even the workaround offered by the
file function (and specifically documented for this purpose in section 8.6 of
the manual, with example recipes) _may not work_:

    program: $(OBJECTS)
             $(file >$,$^)
             $(CMD) $(CMDFLAGS) @$
             @rm $

It seems like the reason for me was that the makefile contained an *export*
directive (for all variables), which causes *OBJECTS* getting appended to the
envp of the execve call of the recipe. Since E2BIG is caused by _either_ the
argv _or_ the envp argument, the result is the same (just the error message is

So as long as make has no general solution for E2BIG, I recommend at least
documenting that *.EXPORT_ALL_VARIABLES* or *export* will break the file
function workaround.


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