Hello list.

Some resent (?) change has caused a crash in
'find_and_set_default_shell()' with this minimal

export PATH := $(PATH):node_modules/.bin
SHELL := env "PATH=$(PATH)" /bin/bash

   @echo "Hello"


Without the 'SHELL ..' line, all is good.
Or even a 'SHELL=/bin/bash' works; no ':='.
Not sure what Gnumake is trying to do here.

The MSVC-2022 built version exits with a
"Security check failure or stack buffer overrun
- code c0000409" at 'gnumake!__report_gsfailure(void)+0x18'

followed by a bogus call-stack; 185 lines of

I discovered this while trying to build this

But I'm not sure if the above shell syntax should
work on Windows or not. And I use 32-bit Cygwin
as my POSIX toolbox.


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