On July 3, 2022 7:33 PM, Paul Smith wrote:
>I prefer to do the review via email rather than in the Savannah bug tracker 
>has pretty annoying markup.
>I would appreciate a somewhat comprehensive commit message or ChangeLog for
>this set of patches, at least explaining some of the less obvious 
>> +set -x
>> +if [ ! ${PLATFORM} = "OS/390" ]; then $CC $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS
>> +-L"$OUTLIB" -o "$OUTDIR/makenew$EXEEXT" $objs -
>> lgnu $LOADLIBES
>> +else
>>  $CC $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS -L"$OUTLIB" $objs -lgnu $LOADLIBES -o
>> "$OUTDIR/makenew$EXEEXT"
>> +fi
>We don't want set -x here.
>Is the point of this that the compiler on OS/390 doesn't allow the -o option to
>come after the objects?  If so we should just change the command line order on 
>systems; no need to check for platforms here.
>Other compilers don't care about the order in which -o comes so it can just 
>early for all of them.

I encountered the issue that the z/OS xlc compiler needs -o file ahead of all 
other objects on the command line. Definitely non-standard.

>> -# define __stat stat
>> +# define __gnustat stat
>I suppose OS/390 already defines __stat to something else?  All this code in 
>and fnmatch.c is not really owned by GNU make, we import it from elsewhere.
>But it looks like we'll have to do something about this.

stat also actually needs stat64 to get past the UNIX 2038 rollover.


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