On Wed, 2022-10-19 at 05:05 +0000, Martin Dorey wrote:
> >  Is there any possibility of seeing the output
> Certainly, but I still don't want to spam the list to death with the
> whole thing and I didn't spot anything interesting.

I meant in general.  For example, for the failures that appear to be
timeouts sometimes the test suite will generate some information about
that, to stdout/stderr.

Maybe there's some make target or script that, if it exists, the
platform testing scripts will run on failure to generate the tar file?

With an error I'd like to get various other files such as the
src/config.h file, the config.status file if it exists, plus the
test/work directory and also the output of the configure/build/test

I'm happy to add something to GNU make to collect "useful stuff" if
there's a standard way that testers would like it.

Maybe just augmenting the check target to do more?

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