Follow-up Comment #13, bug #14927 (project make):

I don't see the point in that.  If you want to do that you should just stop
using the special archive features of make and treat it like any other target.
 The only reason to use the special archive feature is to allow the object
files to be considered intermediate, and be deleted off the disk.

If you're going to extract them again anyway then there's no point in having
them deleted and you can just write out your archive rule the same way you'd
write a program or shared library rule: without special syntax.

One thing to note: it's not quite straightforward to treat the archive
contents the same as files on the disk.  The archive timestamp is a time_t
which means it doesn't support sub-second timestamps, while almost every
(POSIX) filesystem these days does support sub-second timestamps.  This
difference can make timestamp comparison rebuild things when not needed (the
file on disk is the same as the file in the archive, but the sub-second
portion of the timestamp is stripped so the file on disk "appears" newer than
the one in the archive).


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