Follow-up Comment #12, bug #63686 (project make):

> Paul, if you decide to do the special target, do you intend to let that
special target have prerequisites, e.g. targets for which the feature is
No, the prerequisites of the special target are the warning control options:

.WARNINGS: error undefined-var:ignore

> it's worth considering which model is more flexible in a cooperative
Well, we could always support both :)

If you set warnings on the command line they'd be in MAKEFLAGS and be in
effect for recursive invocations.

If you add a special target, those values would NOT be in MAKEFLAGS and be in
effect only for the current makefile.

Something that might be simpler than a special target, would be a special
variable like .WARNINGS or something.  The reason I suggest a variable is that
it's much easier to manipulate it and investigate its value, save it and
restore it, etc.  Special targets are static and tricky to work with.

The downside of a special variable is deciding how it should be considered WRT
delayed expansion etc. is more complex (can you make a target-specific
variable assignment that's in effect only for that target for example?)

But of course, it could be that we go to a lot of trouble to support
capabilities that people won't really care about anyway.


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