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On Wed, May 31, 2023 at 12:40 PM <> wrote:
today i had a strange problem with a long used makefile (GNU Make 4.3).
It found a file called "" and did a "cat < >all".

That's not a strange problem. That's the default make behavior.

In the moment when you suddenly see that kind of problem is is strange,
i did not remember imediately that .sh was a registered suffix.
The list of predefined suffixes is in "Catalogue of Built-In Rules"
not the first place to look, actually i used google to find it,
searching sh in a document is ambitious.

I use makefile for a long time but that effect happend the first time to me.
It would be helpful to improve the documentation that people will be aware
that this can happen. The phony section has some hints this way, maybe this
is a good example to show what happens if you do not use phony.

What piece of documentation do you think is missing?
Did you see documentation on default suffix rules?

I read that years ago, i remembered when i saw the PHONY page, and
confirmed with make -p.

I use make a lot but only a subset and as seen sometimes i get a
surprise. A beginner may be even more surprised (non of my coworkers
spotted the problem).

IMHO there is a lack examples in the decumentation that are intentionaly
wrong (or show unintended side effects), examples that demonstrate *why*
someone sould do certain things (For now i will add more .PHONY in my

hope that helps,

regards, Dmitry

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