On Sun, Jan 16 2022, sqc wrote:

> Hi,
> It seems that there is a bug in the MDK 1.3.0. 
> The command 'pline' cannot be used. When I type 'pline [some number]',
> the error message is given. It says that this is not a valid command.
> But I find that there is handler for the command 'pline'. So, I check
> the source. And I find that the command 'sbt' has not conrresponding
> enumeration definition in 'mix_vm_command_t'.  By inserting a
> temperary enumeration for the command 'sbt', the problem can be
> solved. The command 'pline' can be used.

Yes, i think you're absolutely right.  I've just pushed a patch to the
master git branch that, i think, fixes the problem along your
indications.  Are you able to compile from master to check?

Many thanks for taking the time to report and debug, and for using mdk:
it's always nice to know of people finding it useful!

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