On Sat, Apr 09 2022, Laurence Finston wrote:

> If there is some problem with library locations or whatever, then this
> might be solvable in the usual way by appropriate settings of
> environment variables and/or changes to configure.ac so that they're
> found or something along those lines.  If it was one of my packages, I
> would be glad if someone let me know about problems of this kind when
> installing it in a non-standard location.

The ability to work without installation wasn't easy to provide because
of those reasons, and was indeed made possible thanks to people letting
me know about those problems, for which i am grateful.  It turned out
that, for people wanting to contribute or to play along with different
versions, running from the source tree, without installation, was more
practical (and less error prone) than making things work smoothly for
arbitrary 'make install' locations.  In all fairness, those were really
ancient troubles, so things might be better these days, but since
contributors and people wanting to play with the sources have typically
preferred the in-tree solution, i haven't revisited those decisions or
recommendations (for all i know, everything might be working just fine
for arbitrary --prefix these days).

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