says, regarding
`mkpart`, that a name can be specified as an argument to `mkpart`.

Command: *mkpart* *[part-type fs-type name] start end*

That does not seem to be true with the latest build of parted. At least,
not in the versions currently packaged for Ubuntu 16, Arch, or when
compiling from the git master as of 2018/04/08

The doc I referenced above states: "This document applies roughly to
version *3.2* of GNU Parted."

Unfortunately, the documented syntax does not appear to be valid.
Considering that the documentation index states the docs were last updated
in 2016, I'm assuming the syntax online is outdated.

This is what I see when compiling parted from the latest souce.

$ ./parted --version
parted (GNU parted) 3.2.94-7188

$ ./parted --help | grep -i mkpart
  mkpart PART-TYPE [FS-TYPE] START END     make a partition

Indeed, trying to specify a name for `mkpart` results in an error.

Please let me know if there is anything I can to do assist in updating this

Thank you.


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