I've found that compiling the following texi file failed.

\input texinfo
@documentencoding UTF-8

@node «
@section a


Here is error messages in my environment.

$ texi2pdf aaa.texi
This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.17 (TeX Live 2016/Cygwin) 
(preloaded format=pdfetex)
 restricted \write18 enabled.
entering extended mode
(./aaa.texi (/home/trueroad/tex/texinfo.tex
Loading texinfo [version 2016-09-12.20]: pdf, fonts, markup, glyphs,
page headings, tables, conditionals, indexing, sectioning, toc, environments,
defuns, macros, cross references, insertions,
This is `epsf.tex' v2.7.4 <14 February 2011>
) localization, formatting, and turning on texinfo input format.)
./aaa.texi:5: Argument of @guillemetleft has an extra }.
<inserted text>
<to be read again>
@txiescapepdf ...se @xdef #1{@pdfescapestring {#1}
@setpdfdestname ...{#1}@txiescapepdf @pdfdestname
@pdfmkdest #1->@setpdfdestname {#1}
                                   @safewhatsit {@pdfdest name{@pdfdestname ...

@setref #1#2->@pdfmkdest {#1}
                             @iflinks {@requireauxfile @atdummies @def @valu...
l.5 @section a


In my investigation:
  With texinfo.tex ver. 2016-08-09.22: failed
  With texinfo.tex ver. 2016-08-09.20: succeed

The difference is the following commit.

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