On 30 January 2018 at 14:10, Richard Stallman <r...@gnu.org> wrote:
> What do you think about this complaint?
> Should we change the behavior of texinfo.tex about this?
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> On page 11 of the PDF version, in the last sentence of section 2.1, the 
> reference
> see Section "Input Events" in The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual.
> is some kind of hyperlink because the mouse pointer turns into a pointing 
> finger, but clicking on the link does nothing. It would be better if this 
> were not a hyperlink in the PDF version. The same remark applies to other 
> references to The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual.

It doesn't make sense for this to be a link if the file is there on
its own, but I tried copying a separate PDF manual into the same
directory as a PDF manual with a link to it, and clicking on the link
worked in that case: it loaded the other manual at the specified
section. I don't know how many people will use this feature. They
would have to have a directory full of PDF manuals. My feeling is
although it is a bit confusing, it should be kept because some people
may find it useful.

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