Dear list,

I'm using wget 1.12 on ubuntu 10.04.  I don't know if this is a bug or
not.  I'm using

wget -U firefox -r -l1 -nd -e robots=off -A.pdf

to download pdf's off a page.  The dilemma is that a lot of the pdf
links on the page has the same name (example.pdf).  Wget is supposed
to append .1, .2, etc, to those files.  However, with the above
command, only .1 is appended, and hence, only one file with .1 is
seen.  If I set "-A.pdf,.pdf.1", then .1 and .2 gets appended, but .2
gets repeated and only one .2 file is available at the end.

Are some of my arguments conflicting?


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