Hi Michael,

On 13/09/16 13:54, Michael wrote:
> Hello wget people!
> I have downloaded my WordPress site using wget and it works like a charm.
> (thank you)!
> As WordPress uses directory names as meaningful file names, wget does create
> a directory with <directory_name> and inserts there index.html with correct
> relative directory path. (../).
> I want that this behavior will be kept for the top directory only and when
> wget recourse, it will create <directory_name>.html files out of it. (With
> proper links in the site of course).

So, just to clarify whether I understood you well, you want this:

    `- foo.html
    `- bar.html

Instead of this:

    `- foo/
       `- index.html
    `- bar/
       `- index.html


> Is this feature exists?

Not to the best of my knowledge.

> If not, how complicated it is to program it?

It shouldn't take more than a week, roughly, to someone who is not
familiarized with the code and doesn't work on wget full-time.

The best way of estimating how this could be done, is to do it yourself
and then share your patch with us. That way, you also provide the
community with something tangible, and we can more easily evaluate
whether we want that feature in wget.

> Best regards,
> Michael

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