All of these warnings happen due to gnulib replacing standard Unix API calls 
with replacements for system specific implementations.

I guess that removing the warnings for redefinition definitely makes sense in 
the gnulib code.  Redefining functions is quite literally its job.

The pointer type warnings, I would want to look at them once and decide whether 
to fix or silence them

On April 6, 2018 7:39:30 AM UTC, "Tim Rühsen" <> wrote:
>On 04/06/2018 04:30 AM, Jeffrey Fetterman wrote:
>> I've successfully built wget2 through msys2 as a Windows binary, and
>> appears to be working (granted I've not used it much yet), but I'm
>> concerned about some of the warnings that occurred during
>> Unsurprisingly they seem to be socket-related.
>These are warnings from gnulib code. The code itself looks good to me.
>Our CFLAGS for building the gnulib code are maybe too strong, I'll see
>if reducing verbosity is recommended here.
>With Best Regards, Tim

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