On 15.05.2018 13:32, Graeme wrote:
> I opened the mailing list archives.
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-wget/
> I searched for Windows, looking for information on the latest Wget for
> windows version.
> I get 1091 documents but they are in order of score.  I change the
> sort to by date and click search.
> In fact the heading of the results, despite having 1091 documents says
> there are 0 documents and 0 keywords.
> When I click search to try and put the documents in date order I get
> No documents and the reference (can't open the index)
> What am I doing wrong?

For any changes (e.g. the sort order), you have to go back to
At least here it works.

Regards, Tim

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