On Sunday, May 12, 2019, 17:45:31, Darshit Shah wrote:

> Could you please let us know which sites?

It happens everywhere, as long as the filename is long enough to
require scrolling. I received a patch from Bykov Alexey
<gnfa...@rambler.ru> that supposedly fixes this a few days ago, but
haven't had time to test it yet:

diff --git a/src/progress.c b/src/progress.c
index 8e5709c7..6a69b4e2 100644
--- a/src/progress.c
+++ b/src/progress.c
@@ -845,8 +845,8 @@ static int count_cols (const char *mbs) { return (int) 
strlen(mbs); }
 static int
 cols_to_bytes (const char *mbs _GL_UNUSED, const int cols, int *ncols)
-  *ncols = cols;
-  return cols;
+  *ncols = min(strlen(mbs),cols);
+  return *ncols;

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