On 8/15/19 2:23 PM, Dalme wrote:
>> Are you saying that wget sends a wrong date with the If-Modified-Since
>> header ? If so it's a bug on our side. Maybe you can come up with more
>> details (--debug output).
> No, sorry. What I'm trying to say is that when you take a look on the
> wget manual at gnu.org of '-N' mode you find "Turn on time-stamping. See
> Time-Stamping
> <https://www.gnu.org/software/wget/manual/wget.html#Time_002dStamping>,
> for details". The link there is the one I sent on my first e-mail, and
> there says it compares the sizes of the two files without mentioning
> --no-if-modified-since. Something like the text you sent:
>> What about
>> "By default, Wget will download the remote file if the local file
>> doesn't exist or if the time-stamp of the local file is older than the
>> remote file.
>> When using --no-if-modified-since, Wget will also download the remote
>> file if the local file differs in size. This comes at the cost of one
>> additional HEAD request per file."
> Would be nice on the manual, but it's not there (at least on the online
> version I don't see it). Instead, it tells you how it worked on previous
> versions, but it's the 1.20 Manual.
> I hope the explanation it's better now

Oh, it was just a suggestion how a rewrite *could* look like.

If you agree, I'll add it.

Regards, Tim

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