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Bug #1843: FAST_IPSEC broken

* Author: thomas.nikolajsen
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
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* Target version: 
Kernel with 'options FAST_IPSEC' fails building.

Do we support FAST_IPSEC (described in LINT)?

I see from Matt's comments in issue 150 in 2006,
that it was likely broken at that time also.

buildkernel's initial failures are warnings, which issues build errors;
adding `nowerror' to offending files in sys/conf/files
reveals errors, like missing struct members,
e.g. if_addrlist missing in ifnet.

Chasing this a bit shows that it was an alias for if_addrhead,
which was removed in 2008, when if_addrhead was turned to if_addrheads,
as it was reimplemented (per CPU).


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