Issue #2611 has been updated by phma.

Darner does not have the bug of sending an IPv4 packet with the old source 
address. It does have a default gateway beginning with fe80 after its address 
was changed on it, but that apparently does not cause a problem with only one 
network card.

Bug #2611: Change in IP address results in network not working

* Author: phma
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
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I'm on a satellite connection and am assigned a public IPv6 address and an IPv4 
address in shared address space behind NAT. Occasionally the network goes down, 
and I get new addresses. This does not bother the Linux boxes (except that I 
have to edit /etc/hosts so that they know where each other are) but the 
DragonFly box is unable to reach any hosts except on the LAN, and that only on 

In IPv4, after the address change, a ping from (Linux laptop) to (DragonFly box) is answered by a pong from (DFly's 
old address, which no longer appears in ifconfig) to

In IPv6, after the address change, the default gateway begins with fe80 instead 
of 2001. The attached files are:
routebad: the routing table (netstat -rn) after a previous address change
routegood: the routing table after rebooting
routebadagain: the routing table after the most recent address change.
After rebooting, I had to find the gateway by asking the Linux box and set it 
manually; this may not be a bug, as normally zyxomma runs a tunnel, and the 
IPv6 gateway was pointing to an address in the tunnel.

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