Issue #2950 has been updated by sevan.

File patch-dfbsd-sbin8.txt added

Now version of patch with amended shutdown.8

Bug #2950: HISTORY for src/sbin/*

* Author: sevan
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: Documentation
* Target version: 
Attached patch adds or corrects the HISTORY section of the man pages in src/sbin

sbin/ccdconfig/ccdconfig.8 - there was no 1.0a, CVS tag is version 1.1
sbin/clri/clri.8 - showed up in V6
sbin/devattr/devattr.8 - showed up in DragonFly 2.10
sbin/devd/devd.8 - show up in FreeBSD 5.0 and then imported in 2.2.0
sbin/devfsctl/devfsctl.8 -
sbin/dmesg/dmesg.8 -
sbin/dump/dump.8 -
src/sbin/dumpon/dumpon.8 -
sbin/fsck/fsck.8 -
sbin/fsck_msdosfs/fsck_msdosfs.8 -
sbin/fsdb/fsdb.8 -
sbin/init/init.8 -
sbin/iscontrol/iscontrol.8 -
sbin/mount_msdos/mount_msdos.8 -!search/mount_pcfs.c/comp.unix.bsd/9qhH0v1tZm0/inlPnXZj_2sJ
sbin/mount_nfs/mount_nfs.8 -
sbin/mount_ufs/mount_ufs.8 -
sbin/natd/natd.8 - 
sbin/newfs/newfs.8 -
sbin/nextboot/nextboot.8 - FreeBSD man page
sbin/nos-tun/nos-tun.8 -
sbin/rcorder/rcorder.8 - this is a guess as import was very early before 1.0 
was cut.
sbin/reboot/reboot.8 - standalone command appeared in 4BSD
sbin/shutdown/shutdown.8 - standalone command appeared in 4.2BSD
sbin/udevd/udevd.8 -
sbin/umount/umount.8 -

sbin/fdisk/fdisk.8 -
Document the HISTORY of fdisk based on the original post to comp.unix.bsd by
  Julian Elischer [1] and the Mach 2.5 Installation notes [2].
I was unable to pin point the exact version of Mach the fdisk utility appeared
as I didn't find documentation older than version 2.5 & no source code or repo
history. fdisk utility appears as a separate utility[3] in v2.5. Due to this,
I've avoided stating the exact version fdisk first appeared in Mach.



patch-dfbsd-sbin8.txt (14.7 KB)
patch-dfbsd-sbin8.txt (14.9 KB)

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