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Recent master dumps OK; should be fixed by dillon.

Bug #3093: Dump failed: Partition too small

* Author: liweitianux
* Status: Closed
* Priority: High
* Assignee: 
* Category: Kernel
* Target version: 

I'm running DFly on a VPS, and sometimes it crashes but failed to dump, showing 
such an error:

Dump failed. Partition too small.

Today I tested the crash dump on a VirtualBox machine with DFly-5.0.0 LiveCD.  
The virtual machine has 512 MB RAM, and configured with a 1 GB swap partition 
as the dump device.  Then I manually broke into debugger "db>", type "call 
dumpsys", but it failed with code 0x23 and message "Dump failed. Partition too 
small."  See also the attached screenshot 1.

As a comparison, I booted FreeBSD 11.1 LiveCD on the same virtual machine, set 
dump device, manually triggered the panic with "sysctl debug.kdb.panic=1".  It 
dumped successfully and rebooted, then I saved the dump information.  The 
attached screenshot 2 shows the information.

I also have a bare metal running DFly, and I can provide further tests if 


dfly.dump.failed.png (9.92 KB)
freebsd.dump.ok.png (12.1 KB)

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