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peeter, thank you for providing more information on this issue.

By the way, I've been running DragonFly BSD with HAMMER1 on an old machine for 
the last ~2 years, and never see such an issue or similar ones.

Also, DragonFly BSD has undergone various major changes since then, so this 
issue is somewhat irrelevant.  Let's close it now.


Bug #2971: kernel 4.7: buildworld causes panic: Bad link elm 0xffffffe1c766d500 
prev->next != elm

* Author: peeter
* Status: Resolved
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: 
* Target version: 
The panic happened while doing buildworld. I am not entirely sure that the 
panic is not caused by a hardware error since prior to the panic two CRC errors 
showed up in /var/log/messages. On the other hand, it seems they might not be 
caused by a hardware error since prior to the panic I had seen CRC errors a 
couple of times and reinstalling the system got rid of them. In more detail, 
the machine has gone the following cycle of couple of times: 

1 - system has a panic (related to the kernel module I'm developing)
2 - hammer checkmap starts reporting errors occasionally
3 - then CRC errors show up /var/log/messages
4 - re-install the system and all errors vanish
5 - go back to 1

However, the last time after step 3 "make buildworld" led to this panic. 

hammer-crc-error-crash.txt (9.48 KB)

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