Issue #3199 has been updated by tse.

The hang on shutdown is caused by doing `doas reboot`.  Any other command does 
a clean shutdown -- i.e. `sudo reboot`, `doas poweroff`, etc

So there is something wrong with `doas reboot`?

I still don't know what caused the hard disk to be inaccessible.  Applying the 
DA_Q_NO_SYNC_CACHE, etc quirks in scsi_da.c does not fix it.  But...  switching 
bios to use `ide` rather than `sata` mode does allow dfly to recognize the disk

Bug #3199: PFS label not found panic

* Author: tse
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
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* Target version: 
Are there any suggestions for what I should do at this point?

Boot stops at
hammer2_mount: PFS label not found

Then enters the debugger, saying: stopped at hammer2_chain_lastdrop

Can I reboot into rescue disk and replace "ROOT" with a recent snapshot

The ahci0.5 (da1) disk_rw timeout is a seperate issue, and one I was giving
up on solving. Linux could read that internal disk, but I never used it

A second issue though is on upgrading to 5.6, dfly would no-longer shutdown
gracefully - it would hang after printing the reboot + pf service stop
message to the console

Ironically I was going through a compile-install-reboot bisect to find
where the hang started, but probably force-rebooted to quickly after the
shutdown hangs, resulting in this panic

-- At least, that's what I imagine the cause of the panic to be ;)

Any suggestions or pointers for fixing any of those issues would be


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