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fsck_hammer2 did not give any errors.



Bug #3213: hammer2: "ls" shows non-existent file

* Author: peeter
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
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Perhaps the more precise characterization is that "ls" shows a file that should 
exist, but accessing it by any other means gives the error "No such file or 
directory". The file in question is the backup conf file of cups, 

I am seeing it on hammer2 on three different machines. 

Reproduce as follows:

1 - install cups (rc.conf: cupsd_enable=YES, sudo service cupsd start) and 
create a printer via the web interface at localhost:631 --> Administration --> 
Add printer
2 - delete and add the printer again: see if cups has created a backup copy of 
the config file which has the suffix .0,


If yes, then try "ls -l" and "ls -l /usr/local/etc/cups/printers.conf.0" and 
see that the second one should give an error "ls: 
/usr/local/etc/cups/printers.conf.0: No such file or directory".

Actually, I now see that any file with the suffix .0 that cups creates shows 
this weird feature. For instance, Administration --> Edit configuration file 
--> then save will create cupsd.conf.0, which gives error with "ls -l 
cupsd.conf.0" while "ls -l cupsd.conf" is fine.



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