--- Comment #3 from Eric Covener <> ---
(In reply to Ari Pringle from comment #2)
> I compiled the latest version of mod_remoteip.c from the github mirror, and
> this problem seems to be resolved. I believe it was fixed in commit r1688399
> from June 2015, although that appears not to have made it into the any httpd
> releases yet (as of 2.4.23): 
> Any idea when this might make its way into a release?

Looks like it was not backported.  Will propose it shortly

-    temp_sa = c->client_addr;
+    temp_sa = r->useragent_addr ? r->useragent_addr : c->client_addr;

I think this simplifies to just r->useragent_addr since r->useragent_addr
starts out life as a copy of c->client_addr (ap_read_request)

AP_DECLARE(const char *) ap_get_useragent_host(request_rec *r,
                                               int type, int *str_is_ip)
    conn_rec *conn = r->connection;
    int hostname_lookups;
    int ignored_str_is_ip;

    /* Guard here when examining the host before the read_request hook
     * has populated an r->useragent_addr
    if (!r->useragent_addr || (r->useragent_addr == conn->client_addr)) { 

This also seems to be a little misleading in kind of the same way.

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