--- Comment #3 from Luca Toscano <> ---
Eric the following bit in ap_send_error_respose (called after ap_die) puzzles

    if (!r->assbackwards) {
        apr_table_t *tmp = r->headers_out;

        /* For all HTTP/1.x responses for which we generate the message,
         * we need to avoid inheriting the "normal status" header fields
         * that may have been set by the request handler before the
         * error or redirect, except for Location on external redirects.
        r->headers_out = r->err_headers_out;
        r->err_headers_out = tmp;

If I comment everything but the apr_table_clear line I get no header
duplication (but clearing err_headers_out causes more things like
Content-Lenght, Accept-Ranges, etc.. to be included).

I am not getting what's happening in here, in my opinion a simple
apr_table_clear(r->headers_out) would be sufficient to preserve only the
headers that we need but I am surely missing something..

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