Since the switch to the new way to build kernels, the identification
string of kernels starts to be too "generic" (and unhelpfull for bug

$ ftp http://ftp.fr.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/amd64/bsd{,.mp,.rd}
$ what bsd*
        OpenBSD 6.0-current (obj) #0: Sat Oct 15 18:10:15 MDT 2016
        OpenBSD 6.0-current (obj) #0: Sat Oct 15 18:15:26 MDT 2016
        OpenBSD 6.0-current (obj) #0: Sat Oct 15 18:20:06 MDT 2016
        PD KSH v5.2.14 99/07/13.2

All the kernels are "obj" instead of "GENERIC", "GENERIC.MP" and

The identification string comes from /sys/conf/newvers.sh, which is
started by Makefile for generating vers.c in obj/ directory.

    40  touch version
    41  v=`cat version` u=${USER-root} d=`pwd` h=`hostname` t=`date`
    42  id=`basename "${d}"`
    75  const char ostype[] = "${ost}";
    76  const char osrelease[] = "${osr}";
    77  const char osversion[] = "${id}#${v}";
    78  const char sccs[] =
    79      "    @(#)${ost} ${osr}" STATUS " (${id}) #${v}: ${t}\n";
    80  const char version[512] =
    81      "${ost} ${osr}" STATUS " (${id}) #${v}: ${t}\n    ${u}@${h}:${d}\n";

I think newvers.sh should be adapted to the new way, but I dunno what is
the better way to achieve it (explicit parameter instead of guessing ?).

Sebastien Marie

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