Hi All,

Since the 7th of February, I haven't been able to auto upgrade my
openBSD machine from snapshot to snapshot. I initiate the autoupgrade,
it mounts partition A as read only but never progresses past that.

The way I perform auto_upgrade:

0. Reboot machine with new bsd.rd at /
1. at the boot prompt type 'boot bsd.rd'
2. Select S for shell
3. mount /dev/wd0a mnt && cp mnt/auto_upgrade.conf . && autoinstall
4.Typically this would start the autoupgrad and within 20 minutes, my
machine would be on the latest openBSD snapshot

Now, however, it simply stalls at the mounting of /wd0a.

Has there been a recent regression or is this now a feature?

$ cat /auto_upgrade.conf
Network interfaces = wpi0
System hostname = puffer
Location of sets = http
http instead = yes
Server directory = pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/amd64
HTTP Server = ftp.openbsd.org
Set name(s) = -game*

inum: 883510009027723
sip: jungleboo...@sip2sip.info

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