On Fri, 16 Feb 2018 at 23:54:25 -0500, Christian Jones wrote:
Synopsis: laptop keyboard repeats all presses after autoconfig
Category: amd64
System      : OpenBSD 6.2
Details     : OpenBSD 6.2 (GENERIC.MP) #134: Tue Oct  3 21:22:29 MDT 2017

Architecture: OpenBSD.amd64
Machine     : amd64 (Samsung Chromebook 3)
Keyboard works as expected in BIOS and at boot> prompt, UKC, and ddb (if
started from boot>). After autoconf, however, each keypress is followed by
a slight delay, character appears on screen, another slight delay, and 5
more characters appear on screen, as though key is slightly delayed then
held down for approximately 900ms. Intentionally holding down key for
typematic behavior yields this multiplied by what would be the appropriate
number of repeats (e.g., holding down key to expect 5 characters to appear
yields 30). External USB keyboard works appropriately. Keyboard appears to
be detected by OpenBSD as a pc-xt (ps2) keyboard, i8042 per other systems.

Please try a -current snapshot, this may have been fixed by this change in January:


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