>Synopsis:      Bus error in smtpctl spf walk (on certain domains)
>Category:      user
        System      : OpenBSD 6.3
        Details     : OpenBSD 6.3-beta (GENERIC.MP) #26: Fri Mar  2 22:56:04 
MST 2018

        Architecture: OpenBSD.amd64
        Machine     : amd64
        Got a mail with "Return-Path: bounces+abcd1...@sendgrid.meetup.com" and 
wanted to add it to my white list but smtpctl spf walk says "Bus error". Other 
domains like facebookmail.com works without problem. 
http://www.kitterman.com/spf/validate.html seems to think sendgrid.meetup.com 
has a valid record.

        echo sendgrid.meetup.com | smtpctl spf walk

        Not known

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