On Sat, 7 Apr 2018, Sebastien Marie wrote:
> While running testsuite on third-party program, I found some weird 
> behaviour on us side regarding socketpair(2) and getpeereid(3).
> I ported the unit test to C (it was Rust) to check more easily.
> It just creates an UNIX domain socket using socketpair(2), and next 
> check the euid/egid of the peer connected socket. The expected result is 
> that euid of the peer is the euid of the process.
> Could I have confirmation if it is a bug or not ? I am unsure if
> socketpair(2) should set the peer information or not. But at least,
> ENOTCONN is wrong: socketpair(2) returns connected sockets.

That's a bug, IMO: socketpair(2) should support use of getpeereid(3).

Philip Guenther

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