Nicolas Pence( on 2018.04.12 13:03:39 -0300:
> Thinking about it a little more, I've configured sshd_rtable=255 on 
> /etc/rc.conf.local,
> on the non-working boxes, I'm re-checking this doing:
> rcctl set sshd rtable 0
> and changing sshd_config:
> ListenAddress $IP rdomain 255

just to make sure: changing the sshd configuration fixes your problem as
well? i.e. there is no bug?

For you convinience, this lets you display the rdomain on your shell prompt:

  rdomain=`ps -o rtable -p $$ | tail -n+2`
  export PS1="[\u@$\h:\w]($rdomain)\$ " 


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