Not sure if it is man.cgi(8) problem or not, however
try to open

It stops at the middle of the page:

link:5$ ftp -o- | tail
8571 bytes received in 0.00 seconds (2.70 MB/s)
  <dd>If any of the <i>objfile</i> files are archives, display the archive
      header information (in a format similar to <b>ls -l</b>). Besides the
      information you could list with <b>ar tv</b>, <b>objdump -a</b> shows
      object file format of each archive member.</dd>
<dl class="Bl-tag">
  <dd>When dumping information, first add <i>offset</i> to all the section
      addresses. This is useful if the section addresses do not correspond
      the symbol table, whiclink:6$

man objdump in terminal works of course.

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