On 2019/12/25 16:23, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> Since my message to bugs@openbsd.org was ignored,
> I'll have to assume that they're not interested in discussing it,
> and will keep in mind to document it as a pitfall in upcoming releases.

The toolchain isn't my area, but I suspect there's little enthusiasm
for fixing a gcc-related problem especially one reported on amd64 - it's
pretty much only still built there so that developers have an easy way
to run it if they need to fix things in the base OS on the non-clang
platforms which many developers don't have direct access to.

If the problem remains with /usr/bin/cc (which is clang on
amd64/i386/arm/aarch64/mips64) then it would be useful to include the
full steps to repeat the problem - the script is mentioned but not
included in the bugs@openbsd.org mail.

> > > > I revisited this, and can see half of the problem, which offers a 
> > > > different
> > > > workaround.  Comparing the specs files for the compiler in 6.2 and 6.5,
> > > > I see that someone added a fallback for -L/usr/lib, apparently to 
> > > > compensate
> > > > for some other change.

The commit log was "Pass -L/usr/lib to the linker in preparation for
switching to lld, which does not have a default search path."

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