On 2023/10/01 18:25, Ian R. wrote:
>     My best guess is that OpenBSD's BOOTX64.EFI is lacking
> support for the 'igc' Intel I225-V 2.5Gbps NICs

It doesn't directly help you, but the boot loader doesn't have any
NIC-specific code, it calls into EFI to make network connections.

>     Here are dmesg lines about the 'igc' network interfaces
> on the Protectli VP4650 (after doing the successful OpenBSD
> install from a USB disk):

You didn't include a full dmesg (always a good idea when reporting a
problem) so we can't ID which version you have, but the 1-line info for
the latest firmware for VP4650 says "CSM UEFI Network fix" so if you
don't have that already, I'd try updating first.

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